Friday, February 1, 2008

A crappy week

My daughter and I have both been sick for this whole week. I'm finally able to see clearly so I though I'd come on here and update. I don't know what we had. She had the cough and runny nose and I had Haven't don't any scrappin this week. I did finish this awesome layout last week and a few other projects I had started. My daughter posing as always, looking oh so cute. We finally gave out month notice to the apartment complex. I'm so happy. Now the house hunting begins. We have to find a rental in a month. So far there are 2 home to look at on Monday so that's a good sign. The sooner we find a home the less minutes I use on my cell phone talking which is a big plus. Tomorrow we'll be cleaning the storage room and getting rid of all the crap we've been hoarding for years. It's going to feel so good to not drag this stuff out anymore. OH I can't wait. This place is horrible. Just today we got a letter from the city that they have not paid the water bill. Mind you for the last 2 months every tenant has had to pay their own water bill so I don't know how the hell they don't have the money to do so. They don't have to pull it out of pocket anymore. Ryan is going up to the office on Monday and if they have no intention or paying it the rent check is getting canceled. The letter said that if it's not payed in 5 days the water is getting shut off and if/when it happens the water stays off for more than 48 hours we have to evacuate cause it's not considered a suitable place to live. If that happens I'm going to be completely ticked off. Can you imagine trying to find a place to live with 3 people and 7 animals. That's insane. The more I think about it the more I get upset at the whole thing. Well here is a pic of the layout I did. Doesn't she look so cute?!!!

Till next time

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