Friday, August 1, 2008

Card Week- Video 5

Today is the last video of card week.  Don't worry I'll be back next week with a couple more videos.  I left a little blooper in this one just for kicks.  I normally would of gone back and done the whole video over, but if you only knew how many times I have do to the whole thing over. It's kind of embarrassing actually. HEHE!! Thanks for stopping by this whole week.  



  1. OOO I Like it I Like IT!!!Makes me think of all kinds of things to do.. thank U.. HURRY dont be gone LONG..I am addicted to BLOGS..;o)
    Well a few anyway..They better than Soap Operas..YEA BUDDY!!!

  2. No big deal on the Ooops - we all know what you meant!!!! lol You always make such beautiful cards !!!

  3. enjoyed your week of card webisodes....look forward to seeing more....thanks for the huge effort to do these!!

  4. OOO I made one ..I made one..