Monday, January 4, 2010


All is well. Just have been very busy with the Holidays and the new baby. He's doing terrific. He's a good little eater. Nursing is going great. He's 12 pounds now. The doctor is amazed by the amount of weigh he's gaining. He's aslo 22.5 inches. My niece that's 6 weeks older than him came to visit and he's so much bigger. It's actually quite funny. By two pounds. I used to be able to get a lot done with one hand but not anymore. I either have to wait until hubby gets home or let him cry it out a bit. I feel so bad, but sometimes is what I have to do. He loves his mommy and he does not like being too far from me for too long. Sleeping is going OK. We still get up a couple of times during the night but he goes to sleep quicker and quicker every time and he doesn't nurse for quite as long, hopefully soon he'll start sleeping through the night. Trust me, mommy needs it.

We all had a wonderful Christmas. Got very spoiled this year. My hubby bought me a Gypsy. Love that thing. It's so convenient. He also got me a 19 inch flat screen tv for my craft room. It's awesome. Now I can watch my shows and scrapbook.

Isabella got a computer and a Nintendo DS. Hardly get to see her or talk to her. She's too busy playing with all of her new toys.

Jayden got lots of diapers and wipes. So happy about that. We sure do appreciate them.

I'll be back soon with a short video I made with the Gypsy.

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  1. Glad to hear he is doing well. Have been trying to get a hold of you guys for a while now. Hope all is well, would love to see more pics of your kiddos since they are so beautiful! tell Ryan hello! Take Care!