Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lifestyle Crafts Paper Bag die Halloween Decorations

Here is a quick project I created using Lifestyle crafts Paper Bag die to decorate my mantle for this coming Halloween.

What is looks like in the dark:


First thing die cut the Paper Bag. Here is chose to use vellum but you can use whatever type of paper you would like to use.

Next cut pumpkin faces out of scrap paper. You can use whatever method you'd like. You can trace pages of a coloring book, free hand draw it, use die cut, punches or even trace out stencils used to decorate real pumpkins. Attach them with repositionable adhesive. Remembering that the top of the bag will become the bottom so attache the pieces accordingly. Trace the outlines of the face with a pencil. 

Cut the outline with some precision scissors. This is the time to erase any pencil marks left behind.

I chose to cut the small tabs on the top off. Less place to worry about adhesive showing since it is vellum. If you use cardstock you may not have to worry about that. 

To assemble I simply added adhesive to the long skinny tab on the side and one of the top tabs. Insert a flameless candle and you have a really cute decoration for your mantle. You could also use this to line your walkway of your home on Halloween night if it's not raining. 

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