Monday, July 14, 2008


On this video I will show you how to un mount your wood block stamps and where I store mine.  

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  1. I have just been introduced the EZ mount and LOVE it. I use my Fiskar fingertip craft knife to cut around the stamps and it is working perfectly. I store mine in CD cases which I put in a cute leather-looking case from Target.

  2. Love the video on stamps. Not sure if I am ready to dismout mine but love your storage. I made a book with all my stamps in it & seperated them by category so I could see fast what I had when I was looking for them.

  3. Again you've saved me money but I've gotta goooo spenddddd some! to make my collection GROW!!!! ^_^ Thanks again for tips!

  4. Great Video Yaritza! I'm heading over to Inique Boutique right now to check out the storage book. Very sweet.

    Sandy #1781

    Now U going to keep me busy till I die..LOLOLOL
    I got that hot knife..I got to go try it I have had the wooden stamps and did not like them because I have gotten Hooked on the clear.. O WOW O WOW I am going to be BUSY!!! THANK UUUUUUU!!!!What makes me SICk is I have given a lot of them AWAY..:O(

  6. wonderful! Thanks for the video.

    I have been mounting my wooded mounted rubber stamps with the Inique Boutique - see d's cling it works really well and I can now mount them with my clear blocks or my Fiskars stamp press.

  7. Great video/tutorial, this will help me to finally do it, have 100's of stamps in baskets and can't never find what I need, I also have several of those sheets to start unmounting at least some and will be getting that kind of storage for mine too, thanks for the help, hugs, Rosa.

  8. what a great system! i love how you have your stamps organized. thanks for the video:)
    angie 4663