Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Home decor

I had said that I've been busy decorating and making pillows and such for the house. Well I got everything done. Here are some pics of my things. Here is a little tip. Go to Thrift stores. I found most of the fabric I used at the thrifts store. It came in a bag, so I didn't know exactly how big the pieces were. Once I got home and opened it up they were not even. They were just left over pieces from some ones else's work. The pieces were big enought to make all these pillows and small runner for the table. I only spent $3 for the bag. Not a bad deal I thought. Also, Joanns has a remnant section, if you go when they are on sale you can get a huge discount off. If all you need is a couple yards why not. No need in paying full price for a bit of fabric. Well I hope you guys like it.

I found these glass bottles in the trash. Some one actually threw these out. The branches I got from the Clearence sections of Target for only $2. I used the same Sizzix die Flower layers to cut there tiny flowers to add a little color.

Close up

These pillows I made.

These pillows I had and just re-covered them to match.

This is my dinning room table. I made that square runner just to add some color to the table. I'm having a really hard time with how to decorate the table. It's a square 8 seater table and there dont' seem to be any table cloths that big. Rectangular place mats are too long so it looks odd when I have one at each seat. If you guys have any ideas let me know I'd love to hear them.

This is my new coffee table. I found the rectangle box at the thrift store for $20. It opens up and on the inside I have some throw blankets and some pillows for when I want to cuddle on the couch. I painted it with some paint from Lowes Oops section for $5, it just so happen to match the fabric perfectly. The legs were fence post toppers from Home Depot that were less than $3 a piece.

I also used the same Oops paint to cover this buffet. It also came from the thrift store and it only cost $20. It didn't have a back to it but DH went to the hardware store and purchased a backing and it was good as new.

This is an Ikea stand. I've had it for year and just keep painting it to match the current decor. Used the same Oops paint for this aswell.

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  1. Beautiful!! I love your table!! It is so nice and big...I am jealous...I live in a tiny house and could never have anything like that. To decorate it, though...hmmmm.....maybe a long runner down the middle would split it and make it not look so sqaure for you, or take out the middle section and make it long and rectangle instead and square with a runner and only have 2 chairs on each side?? I don't know....good luck, I love it, though!!!!

  2. OMG - I love the coffee table, GREAT JOB!! I love Lowes oops paint section also - great colors in there!!!