Sunday, August 8, 2010


I have to admit that I really was not interested in this whole Twilight obsession that was going on. Up until yesterday I have not seen any of the movies. My sister in the other hand, a huge fan. I asked if I could borrow the movies so that I can see for myself what this whole obsession was about and much to my surprise I fell in love with them. I started watching the first one around 11:30 pm and could not go to bed knowing that the second installment was sitting right there. I watched the second one too. Didn't end up going to be till almost 4 am. Totally worth it. Now I want to go and see if the library has the books so that I can read them all before I see anymore of the movies. My sister says that the books explain things alot better than the movies does. Mind you I have not read a book since I got out of highschool but these movies have made me want to pick one up again.

I've also seen youtube ladies using an Edward stamp to make these cute cards and they also made him glow. Went to the and bought me a digi Edward. I liked him better than the rubber Edward. Here is the link.
He's totally cute and I can't wait until I get to play with him. Technically I'm not supposed to be buying things that need to be shipped since we won't be here for much longer but I figured a digi would not be breaking the rules.

Well I have to go and finish dinner.
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