Monday, March 25, 2013

Baby Gift

My sister in law had a baby a few weeks ago and we finally had the chance to drive up and see her on Friday. So cute! I wanted to whip up a little something to bring her. Being that it was her second daughter and she saved most of everything from the first one she really didn't need much. So I made her some embroidered burp clothes. I got inspiration from Pinterest, of coarse.

To make these I went to my local Joanns and bought baby cloth diapers. You get 4 for $7 and they let you use coupons! They also had their Joanns brand flannel fabric on sale for 60% off. They had some really cute designs. I bought a yard of each design and was able to make 8 burp clothes with enough fabric left over to be able to make 2 more.

My only tip aside from what you find online is to embroider on the right side of the burp cloth, the backside has the seam, first before the sewing. Other than that find the tutorial that best suits your level of sewing. They were quite easy to make but I wouldn't say quick. There is a lot of ironing aside from the embroidery which took some time.

The finished result:

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