Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thrifty Tuesday

Things are getting back in order around here after being out of the country last week. I gotta say. I missed Thrifting so much.  So I made a run out on Monday. Got there a little later than I normally do. I was having a hard time getting my day started, but I made it out there and I got a few things.

My Purchases:
1. JCrew Yellow shirt: .07 cents
2. Mossimo Brown Shirt/sweater: .22 cents
3. Mossimo Silver Dress: $3.00
4. Mossimo Purple Shirt/sweater: .52 cents
5. Island Soul Bathing Suit Top: .52 cents
6. Antonio Melani Brown Knee High Boots: $6.00
7. Magimatic Old School Camera: .52 cents
8. Hungry Hungry Hippo: .75 cents (I buy games at cheap prices to have spare parts for the games the kids already have. They are always mis placing or loosing pieces and this helps keep completed games for really cheap. I just have a storage box with pieces of the games they own and replace them as needed.
9. Banana Republic Brown Leather Jacket: $17.50 (By far my most expensive piece. But the quality, cut and style is un real. Looked online saw their jackets going for over $300. The price could not be beat.)
10. Forever 21 Herringbone Blazer: $3

After taxes I paid: $34.11. Really good considering the leather jacket I got. Once it gets warm I'm going to try and take pics of outfits I've put together with my thrifty purchases and if I remember how much I paid for the pieces I'll put what my outfit cost as well.  I wanted to do that today with the leather jacket and boots, they look un real together, but it's way to cold, cloudy and windy.

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