Monday, June 30, 2008

Week #1 Challenge Video #1

Here is the first video. I decided to make it a card since I always forget the card. I get so busy making everything else that when I go to hand the gift, no card.

Let me know if you have any questions.


  1. Another great video Yaritza. I'll be back every day. I probably won't be able to participate in the challenge because out of state company arrives tomorrow but I'll definitly be checking out the videos.

  2. Do I have to use the same tools you do..OO and that Tape gun is that a ATC did U paint on it I have never seeen one like that.Loved the video I am going to try to keep up with u.:o)I got to wait till u tell me about the tools..

  3. Mary,
    You don't have to use the same tools I do. Whatever you have handy that will get the job done use it. Yes, that is my ATG gun. I altered it pink. It looked a lot better when I first did it. One piece of advice if you work with a lot of ink, make the gun darker and use the light color as the embellishments. I have a permanent black hand print on the handle. It's looks awful. I'm thinking about sanding it down and starting over.

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