Monday, February 14, 2011

Two sugar gliders hurt

So I've been gone a while. Another one of my gliders got attacked and I found the attacker in action.  Thankfully I caught it as it was happening so my second glider's bite mark is only the size of a pea.  Took my three males in to the Vet today and got them checked out. Everybody looked good, no infections and the glider that was causing all the commotion got a shot that helps calm down his testosterone so hopefully he'll stop attacking and we can eventually work on acclimating all the gliders together again. If not I'm going to have to split them up into pairs in different cages.  What a mess.  I have them all separated right now so I have 4 cages out.  That's a lot of cleaning for me.  But it's worth it as long as they are safe.  My crafting mojo has left temporarily but hopefully this weekend I'll be able to sit down and create something. I got a few new goodies I would like to play with.  Well that's all for today.

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  1. WOW, Yaritza sorry to hear about your gliders! Hopefully it will calm down some!!!
    I just stoped by to say hi, and see what you were up to!
    Have a beautiful day!