Saturday, December 15, 2007

Day at moms

Well I spend most of my day at my mom's house. My niece and nephew stayed over so I wanted to go hang out and try out the new camera. Though we had fun, they didn't let me take any pics of them. They kept moving and turning their heads. Oh well. At least I got to try out a few of the features and understand what they mean.

Most importantly, before I got to moms I stopped by ACMoore to buy a few essentials. Well they were having a sale take 25% off even their sale prices. They had the Bazzill paper pack for $9 so I got two, the Xyron 900 for $50, I got 7 packs of refill for my scrapbooks and a few odds and ends. By the time they took they 25% off and another $10 off if you spend $50 I came out of there spending $54 for everything. I was so happy I could walk on clouds. I emmidiately called my friend and my husband to brag about my good fortune. It felt so good to get everything that I wanted and not break the bank.

Now I gotta sew some ribbon on my strap for my camera. It's black and ugly so I got pink and blue ribbon to sew on there to make it more me. Then to make a cover for my 900. I made matching covers for all of my scrapbooking machines so this one is next. If I have fabric left over may try to make one for my serger.

Gotta go work.


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