Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Camera and Christmas present

Tomorrow I will be getting a new camera. A Canon Rebel XTi. I'm so excited. I can barely wait. Going to Circuit city to make sure that it's 100% the one I want. Ryan wants me to get an Olympus one but I'm not so sure. Then I have to go out and buy some Hello Kitty ribbon to alter my strap. Can't have anything if it doesn't have Hello Kitty on it. Speaking of Hello Kitty, my Christmas present from my husband arrived. I'm getting the Hello Kitty sewing machine. Oh so cute. It's sitting there starring at me on the dinning room table. I'm being so good not to open it and start playing. I bought it to sew on my layouts. I have a nicer one but it's so big and bulky that I hate taking it out unless I absolutely have to. The HK one is compact enough to leave it out and not be in the way. YEAH!!!!!!! Can't you tell I'm excited.

Until next time.

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