Sunday, September 27, 2009

Can't sleep, Can't sleep

It's 2:15 in the am and I can't sleep worth anything. AGAIN. My bed is extremely uncomfortable. The pain that shoots through my body it's insane. I've resorted to sleeping on the couch. Much Much Much more comfortable. I have the worst pregnancy Insomnia. Alot of tossing and turning. The fact that the baby is up doesn't' help either. He just kicks and moves and gets the hick ups. We have to work on his time clock a bit cause this is waaaayy to early to be up. When I finally do fall asleep it's for a few hours and then I'm up again. Depending on how my day is sometimes I get to take a nap for a few hours, but if not man is it rough trying to make it though the day with just a few hours of sleep. To top it all off. Indigestion. I've never had it before this pregnancy. It's the worst. It happens all the time. I've taken some pepto but it's not working tonight.

Got alot of the baby stuff put together this weekend. Got all his clothes hung up. Taking inventory of the things we still need to buy. Not much really just small things. Gotta do laundry and get my night bag ready too. Oh and gotta get the kids packed up as well in case I go in labor early or something. I only have 2 more months to go. I go in to see the doctor every two weeks now. Found out I was anemic so he gave me a prescription for iron pills. Other than that everything else has been just great.

Have a good night..well good morning!

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  1. Wow, get that sleep when you can Yaritza. I miss your videos, but I do understand!