Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weird Craving

Most people think that a craving is something you have to eat while pregnant. Mine has been MCD's fish sandwich. It will be 11 pm and I'm begging my husband to run out and get me some. 50/50 I get my way. It depends whether I woke him up from sound sleep or he's still awake. But lately the weirdest craving has been Lavender/Vanilla Febreeze products. I have bought everything. Sanitizing wipes, air spray, even went out and bought the swiffer so that I can get the Lavender/Vanilla wet cloths, furniture polish and ofcoarse the fabric freshener. Signed up online to receive coupons for their products. After 3 long weeks they finally arrived. It has taken everything I have not to run out to target and get the candle, TODAY, which thanks to their coupons I just found out they had. It's an obsession, a good one I guess since my house smells delicious!

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  1. I was the same way, I craved Gain and Irish spring soap smells, as well as the stuff used in the swiffer wet jet, loved those smells! My favorite snack to eat was saltines, with mayo on them, and a sliced pickle, and cheese. It's really good, lol. Oh and Arbys roast beef!