Monday, September 28, 2009

Things I've learned from renting.

My husband and I are getting to the point that we are extremely tired of renting. We're ready to be home owners and settle down. But I gotta say that all these years of renting have not been in vain. We have learned a few things. Here are some of them for ya.

-With the amount of animals and kids we have, Hardwood floors are much easier to clean when "accidents" happen.

-We DO NOT want the kids bedroom on the second floor when ours is on the first. Specially if their bedrooms and bathroom are right on top of yours. I do not enjoy listening to them using the restroom and flushing the toilet at 5 a.m.

-We ABSOLUTELY LOVE living on a culdesac.

-One of the most important ones. If you live in a humid climate and you have a basement, specially if it's not finished, you have to have a de-humidifier or mold and mildew will grow.

You guys dont' know how upset I am right now. I go down there Friday night and my room is covered. I mean covered with the stuff. On my walls, scrapbooking supplies, pics on the wall, MY HELLO KITTY STUFF. It was every where. I almost broke down in tears. Reading on the internet we found that that is happens when the weather changes. We've been going from 80's to 60's alot. My awesome husband bought one Saturday morning and spent most of Saturday bleaching the walls and baseboards. Today, which is his first day of vacation, we spend cleaning all my scrapbooking supplies and hello kitty stuff one by one. We are finally done. The air down there is much better. We could tell a difference in about two hours. My room is nice and clean and I can be safely down there scrapbooking now.

Well thanks for listening. I had to get that off my chest.
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