Thursday, October 1, 2009

I can't see my toes!

Don't have much longer to go. Less than two months now. Belly's getting big, I'm gaining a lot of weigh and things that I used to be able to see before can't see now. One of those being my toes. I love having my toes done. Makes me feel pretty when they look good. Now that I can't see them you better believe that I can't reach them either. Well my husband is being such a doll. He painted my toes today. He didn't do a fantastic job, but knowing that I have fresh polish on them makes me feel good. Plus, when I'm standing I can't see them. LOL!! What truly makes him a doll is that he even painted our daughters toes and nails since it's really hard for me to bend over to get to them. She was so thrilled and proud. It took a little priving and convincing to get her to take a shower tonight since she was so afraid that it was going to come off. HEHE!!

Had a doctors appointment today. The baby is doing great. The only problem is, the week of my supposed c-section my doctor is off. Now he's trying to find out who's on call that week that can do my c-section. I'm freaking out a little bit. I have less than two months to get to know a new doctor. Scary Scary.

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