Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where have I a been?

I found myself exhausted.  I was trying to do too much. The kids, the house, they gym, my crafts, the blog, the animals and so on and so on and I was going to bed at 2 a.m. sometimes waking up the next day and trying to do it all over again.  I had to take a break. My mojo was seriously lacking anyways.  Was starting projects not even finishing them. I have two boxes of half started things. I needed a breather to just be. Still kept up with a few things.  Went to the gym a few times a week instead of everyday for 2 hrs. I know crazy.  Hardly did anything craft related except for thank you cards. Thank goodness I had made Christmas cards for random challenges ahead of time so I had something nice to present Gift Cards in to my family.  I'm now starting to get back into the swing of things.  Got a new crafting island for my craft room.


Organized a little bit more. There were a few things I felt were out of place. Today I'm starting to sew covers for some of my new machines. I need to make a covers for the Imagine and I got the Cameo for Christmas so I need to make a cover for that as well.  All my machines are covered.  My animals roam free, specially the cats. They climb all over my stuff and there is animal hair everywhere. I don't want my machines getting jammed up with hair.

I'll be starting more videos soon.  I've been having all sorts of issues with cameras. Some stopped working, rechargeable batteries died, one needed special sd card ( I mean why would if be too easy to use one of the 20 others I have laying around) didn't have any extra money cause of the holiday to resolve those issues.

Money is getting caught up and I'm feeling good so back to regular programing!!  My first few videos are going to be organization videos.  I have a stamp organization one started and I want to do a room tour since everything is pretty much done. Well that's it for today.
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  1. Good 4 you! A rest and evaluation of priorities is always good for Moms...we seem to try to be at LEAST 4 people! AND we all want to do a lot, but burnout is nit really an option for a Mom! Hope all is going well. I just recently discovered your site and really have been enjoying your detailed organization vids. Thanks SO for your time in sharing. ~terry (littlebirdie)

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    1. They are two medium size Expedits from Ikea butted together with a metal bar on the inside hooking them together so they don't move and shift.