Monday, December 12, 2011

Helped a lost dog!

Yesterday as we were coming home we found a dog just frozen on the middle of the street. Looked around and nobody was there, knocked on a few doors and nobody seemed to recognize it so we brought it home. First thing this morning I started calling shelters, getting him checked for a microchip trying my hardest to find his home. Nothing. Nobody recognized him or knew of anybody looking for a lost dog.  After I picked my daughter up from school today I started driving around the neighborhood just to see if someone was looking for him or if any posters were put up. As I was talking to a random lady who was walking the owner actually came up to me to see if I've seen him and luck would have it was the dog. He was in the car with me. I handed him over and everything was set right. His name is Casper. I was way off. I was calling him Bob. LOL! I'm so happy. He was the sweetest dog. Well behaved and so nice.  Hopefully I made their day.  I know it made mine.

I had been working on the Thank You cards for my son's birthday gifts. They're done. I'll be back tomorrow with those.

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  1. THAT was wonderful!!! I luv it when things fall into place...the RIGHT place! Good 4 U!!!
    ~terry (littlebirdie)