Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thrifty Tuesday

Yesterday was Monday which meant thrifty shopping for me. I scored some great deals again this week. Between three stores I got:

1: 6 VHS tapes. I'm an avid Disney VHS tape collector. Snow Dogs, Freaky Friday, Inspector Gadge 2, Brother Bear, Monsters Inc. and Holes.
2. A bag with all 3 Chipettes TY Beanie Babies and Simon and Theodore.
3. Mini Radio Flyer wagon
4. A bag with misc. school supplies. 66 #2 pencils, 13 misc. holiday pencils, 18 eraser toppers and a brand new pack of double ended markers.
5. 5 books. The Hunger Games, Twilight, Charlie St. Cloud, Odd mom out and The Captain Underpantz extra-crunchy book o' Fun.
6. A Disney wallet
7. Wooden alphabet puzzle
8. Express Design Studio jacket
9. The Limited Dress
10. B. Darlin Black dress
11. Easter Kids Dart Board (This will be saved until Easter for my Daughters basket)

Running total for today: $30.20. Next Monday One of the stores is 50% off everything because of the Holiday. JACKPOT!!

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