Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's Thrifty Tuesday!!

The kids are off for Spring Break and I've been super busy trying to keep them busy, softball season has started and I've barely had time to sit down, which is why this post is super late. I did take a trip for me yesterday and made it thrifting. I ventured out to two new thrift stores, to me, and I think the venture was a success, mainly because both kids were with me and we came out with a lot of books they wanted. I normally don't buy too many books for them unless they're with me. Specially for my daughter. She reeds like a maniac and has an intensive book collection and I'm to the point that I don't know what she has a doesn't have.

My loot:

What I got:

1. Sand Box Table (this  baby is selling for $77 on Amazon.com) I got it for $8. Major Score!
2. Puma shoes
3. Plum knee high boots
4. Hello Kitty Ty teddy
5. Brand New Christmas tree base
6.White/Black gray blazer
7.Pack of Christmas envelopes
8. 4 sets of Christmas Bingo Card games
9.18 Children/Adult books
10.George of the Jungle VHS
11. Kids chopsticks
12.Flower paper crimper 
13. Two Desk Tapes (alphabets and numbers)

Total: $32.00

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