Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thrifty Tuesday

Hello again. Yesterday I decided to venture out and try a few different thrift stores. There is a website pinned on Pinterest where you enter your zip code and they list the thrift stores around where you live. They showed me a few not to far from my house that I've never knew were there. I did find a few things at each but I don't think the new ones are going to be ones I visit often. Found the prices high and the sales not very good.

Here is the website if you're interested.

My loot:

I got a lot of different little bags of craft stuff, embroidery thread, googley eyes, Etc.. So I'm not going to list everything but I'll list my best finds.

-long brown shelf $1.52. Ill be painting it a nice glossy white and hanging it in our master bath. The bathroom is so small with absolutely no storage. Ill be putting extra rolls of toilet paper, towels etc.
- 13x19 20 count Epson glossy photo paper n$3. They had more so I'm hoping it'll be there on their sale day to save some $$.
- 3 more Disney VHS's for my collection. 50 cents each.
- Ikea Trones shoe storage box $2.25.
On the website it's showing it comes in a 3 pack. I only saw one but can't complain for the price.
- a humongous oval embroidery hoop. 18x27 $1.50. Ill be making some sort of art for the walls. Not sure what but it was too cool to pass up.

Spent a total of $28.42.

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