Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's thrifty Tuesday.

I went thrifting yesterday ofcoarse. I'm trying to only get things I definitely need since getting the new car and needing to stay within budget.  My main purpose was to get a booster seat with a back for my son. Which I snagged at a totally ridiculous price.

My loot:

1. Booster Seat: $3
2. Foam sword: 52 cents (my son wanted to be captain hook)
3. Basket ball: $1.50
4. Sleeve ironing board: $1.50
5. Pillow Pet: $2.25
6. 3 inch checkers chips: 75 cents (I want to make a life size checker board on the grass in the backyard with spray paint)
7. A bag of 5 random kids books: 75 cents (The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe Narnia book, Hanna Montana book, Judy Bloom Blubber, Beverly Clearly Otis Spofford and Captain Underpants.
8. A bag of misc. things: 75 cents (I got it for the 3 small EK Success punches in it: rectangle, splatter and lightbulb) It also brought a lot of other kids junk toys.
9. J. Crew Bathing suit top: $1.50
10. Derek Heart black sweater: 1.50
11. Kay Unger Red Blazer: $4.50
12. Apostrophe Shorts: $2.25
13. Banana Republic Yellow Sweater: 6 cents
14. Gap Gray Sweater: 75 cents
15. The Limited Green Dress: $3
16. Kids Faded Glory Jacket: 75 cents

Total: $26.62

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