Friday, January 21, 2011

New member of the family!

So yesterday we had a huge snow storm and I ran out of cat food.  I sent Ryan to go, all the while he had promised our daughter that she was either going to come home with a hamster or a bird.  Low and behold he calls cause she's fallen in love with a cat. Of coarse I was ecstatic.  She's beautiful. Three years old and so sweet. Her name is Grace.  My dogs are doing okay with her, she's not doing okay with them. They said that she's used to being around dogs, cats and small children's, but you got to understand that there is an 80lb. baby of a boxer running at you at full speed I would swat to. The other two dogs don't really care. They're used to having animals coming in.  My older cat in the other hand, not sure if he likes having a house mate.  Every now and then they say a few choice words at each other, a little hissing and then other times they just sit there and stare at each other.  She's doing so well with the children. Even when the 1 year old comes at her face and screams in excitement she just lays there and stares.  Let's him pet her and everything.  I think she's going to be a great addition to this crazy family.  Without further ado here she is:

As you can see she has made herself at home in my craft room.  Ryan removed some of my tools and put her bed in there and she just loved it. Started rolling around and purring so I guess that's where she'll stay. I'm probably going to have to open up another cubby for my old cat since he's probably going to be jealous that he doesn't have his own spot.  Oh well. I'll just have to find another place to store my supplies.

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